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Litigation / Litigation

Labor law disputes before the labor and state labor courts (e.g. Mannheim Labor Court) are our strength. Here you need a lawyer (preferably a specialist in labor law) with experience in court. We have accompanied several thousand labor court proceedings (as judge or as lawyer).

Therefore, we can draw on a wealth of process experience and process knowledge, which is very valuable in many tactically demanding situations. The confident handling of all process situations is therefore a matter of course for us.

We know the typical stumbling blocks in a labor court dispute and usually know what move the litigant will make next.

You are an employee and want to get the maximum severance pay? Then you have come to the right place. We know "both sides" and therefore know how the employer side ticks.

Data protection law

Data protection law has become increasingly important in the recent past and poses challenges not only for data protection lawyers, but also for companies. In business practice, the interface with employment law in particular plays a major role. The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has also drawn the attention of many companies to the handling of personal employee data.

Among others, the following topics can be relevant and are covered by our consulting spectrum:

Use of external staff and hiring out of employees

Hiring of external staff
and hiring out of employees

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The use of external personnel has many facets and is often very complex. In addition, there are often not only legal but also practical challenges when it comes to the legal classification. As consulting lawyers, we have already accompanied many projects and can provide you with excellent support based on our experience.

We draft contracts for employee leasing (both between the lender and the hirer and corresponding contracts with employees). In this respect, we have extensive experience, especially with regard to the approval practice of the Federal Employment Agency.

Work 4.0

Digitalisation and the convergence of markets bring with them numerous challenges in terms of labour law. This concerns not only employer-side implementation, but also enforcement vis-à-vis employee representatives.

In addition, agile working methods are playing an increasingly important role. We help you to install, for example, a SCRUM that is resilient in terms of labor law (also with reference to external development team members).

Contract design

Man writing with a biro on a clipboard

We draft employment and service contracts for every employee group (in particular also for executives, non-tariff employees, etc.). We also revise and update your existing employment contract templates. You can also find further templates, notes, etc. on our service page . We also draw up and revise collective agreements, group agreements, general agreements and "normal" works agreements.

Experience has shown that only excellent and up-to-date employment contract templates can reliably prevent labor law disputes. 

Dealing with the works council / reorganizations and restructurings

In companies with co-determination, there are regular points of contact between the works council and management in terms of labor law.

It is not uncommon for the parties to the works council to take different legal positions. We clearly show employers which legal powers they have and, if necessary, also enforce the rights against the works council, e.g. in the conciliation board. We have extensive experience in supporting conciliation bodies (e.g. reconciliation of interests and social plan; risk assessments for software applications and other work equipment). 

We also support you in all issues related to operational changes.

Support in the day-to-day business of labor law


Many companies are confronted with numerous labor law issues in their day-to-day HR work. These can be, for example, questions regarding the effectiveness of warnings, works council hearings or certain contractual clauses. But certain implementation and conduct issues for HR professionals can also become relevant (e.g., what measures must be taken in compliance investigations against employees and when the two-week period of Section 626 (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB) begins to run - see also here). 

We will be happy to support you on all these issues with our extensive experience and broad knowledge of employment law. Please also have a look at our flat rate tariffs (here).

Training and seminars in labour law

As long-standing speakers of renowned training institutes(see About), we offer customized trainings, seminars and webinars of executives in labor law and employee data protection.

Here in particular:

Labor law at a fixed price
for companies

Labor law flat / smallLabor law flat / mediumLabor law flat / large
DescriptionSmall consulting package for small and medium-sized companies that have only sporadic need for advice in labor law.Medium-sized consulting package with legal representation for small, medium and large companies that have a regular need for labor law consulting and, if necessary, for consulting in the area of employee data protection.Large consulting package also for all company sizes for which the medium consulting package (possibly due to certain projects) is no longer sufficient.
Legal fieldsIndividual labor law, collective labor lawIndividual employment law, collective employment law, employee data protectionIndividual employment law, collective employment law, employee data protection
Price490.- EUR plus VAT990.- EUR plus VAT.1990.- EUR plus VAT.
Consulting volume per monthapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 5 hoursapprox. 11 hours
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Consultation via videocall
Advice by e-mail
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Response time from usLess than 48hSmaller 24hLess than 12h
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on site appointments with us
Consulting after 7 pm and on weekends
Court proceedingsonly after separate agreement and settlement in the amount of the statutory minimum feesonly after separate agreement and settlement in the amount of the statutory minimum feesonly after separate agreement and settlement in the amount of the statutory minimum fees
RuntimeCan be terminated at any time with 14 days' notice to the end of the month.Can be terminated at any time with 14 days' notice to the end of the month.Can be terminated at any time with 14 days' notice to the end of the month.

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